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Here at Smoor, we keep our promise to indulge your taste buds and excite your palate with true chocolate, desserts and more. As unprecedented times are upon us, we want to help you keep the festive spirit alive. Our assurance is that our sweet treats will reach you at your doorstep following every safety precaution. With temperature checks, tamper-proof packaging and regular cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen and factory spaces, you can trust us. 

Delve into a gifting experience like no other and share it with your loved ones. 

You won't be disappointed.


Bespoke Chocolate collection


true (2).png

True Ingredients

luxury packaging.png

Luxury Packaging


Multiple recipient shipping


True chocolate, true story

5pc Couverture_edit.jpg

5 Piece SMOOR Box

A luxury box of five assorted filled couverture chocolates
Rs. 370


12 Piece SMOOR Box

A luxury box of twelve  assorted filled couverture chocolates
Rs. 830

25 Piece SMOOR Box

A luxury box of twenty-five  assorted filled couverture chocolates
Rs. 1,650


49 Piece SMOOR Box

Bangalore Box_edit.jpg

The Maharani Collection

Couverture Boxes Mood 2.jpg

Think gifting, think Smoor


64 Piece SMOOR Box

An exquisite gift box of sixty-four assorted filled couverture chocolates
Rs. 3,800

Blue Hard Case.jpg

Truly Gifted Tin

A keep-sake tin with twelve luxury chocolates
Rs. 875

9pc SoftBox-2.jpg

6 Piece Box

A six piece box of premium 

Rs. 250

Maroon Soft Box.jpg

9 Piece Box

A nine piece box of premium 

Rs. 325

Blue Soft Box.jpg

16 Piece Box

A sixteen piece box of premium 

Rs. 525

12 Piece Premium Box

A twelve piece Diwali themed box of premium chocolates
Rs. 375


18 Piece Premium Box

An eighteen piece Diwali themed box of premium chocolates
Rs. 575

24 Piece Premium Box

A twenty-four piece Diwali themed box of premium chocolates
Rs. 750

The festivities come alive with

16 Pralines Box.jpg

16 Piece Praline Box

24 Pralines Box 1.jpg

24 Piece Praline Box

32pc Praline.jpg

32 Piece Praline Box

Almond Sensation-2.jpg

Almond Sensation Tin

Danish Cookie Tin

A keepsake tin with delicious melt in the mouth cookies made with a traditional Danish recipe 
Rs. 600

Truly Gifted Tin_Edited.jpg

Truly Gifted Hamper

A keepsake tin with goodies like a five piece couverture box, brittle pack, pouch of nuts, nougat bar, true bar 80g & centre filled cookie pack
Rs. 1,200

Memoire Tins

A keepsake tin with goodies like a five piece couverture box, brittle pack, pouch of nuts, nougat bar, true bar 80g & centre filled cookie pack
Rs. 1,350



A banana-fibre ecofriendly hamper with five piece couverture box, stir it up, pouch of nuts, single origin bar, tasties pack and true treats bar 
Rs. 2,500

Cane Delight Large.jpg

Cane Delight (Large)

A cane hamper with twelve piece coverture box, stir it up, 50gm coated nut pack, crispies, chocolate buttons, true bar 80gm brittles, nougat bar & pouch of dry nuts.
Rs. 3,800

Cane Delight small .jpg

Cane Delight (Small)

A cane hamper with twelve piece coverture box, stir it up, 50gm coated nut pack, crispies, pouch of dry nuts, true treats bar, nougat bar (large) & tasties pack.
Rs. 2,300

Jute Bag_edit.jpg

Treat Pack

A treat pack with chocolate rice crispies, centre filled cookies & six piece premium box
Rs. 700

Fuscia Love.jpg

Fuscia Love

An organza potli with a true treat bar, chocolate rice crispies & centre filled cookies
Rs. 650

Urli Moodshot.jpg

Smoor provides a touch of extravagance this festive season


Smoor Exotica

A wooden sleek hamper with chocolate crispies, discs, a blended bar & a pack of chocolate barks
Rs. 2,800

Available in two colours



A basket full of love & Smoor treats like centre filled cookies, true treats bar, six piece premium box, chocolate crispies & a Diya
Rs. 1,200

Artistry Large.jpg

Artistry (Large)

Artistry (Small)



Festive Fiesta

An wooden decorative tray twelve piece couverture box, Smoor cookies, Smoor treats bar, pouch of dry fruits, jar of coated nuts, stir it up, chocolate discs, barks, brittles & blended bar
Rs. 5,000

smoor classic.jpg

Smoor Classic

An ornate wooden tray with stir it up, single origin bar, five piece couverture box, brittle pack & pebbles
Rs. 3,500

Gardenia Final .jpg


Cracker Surprise.jpg

Cracker Surprise

A true box of celebration with an assortment of centre filled cookies, crispies & chewy chocolate bars
Rs. 550


Light up your life with Smoor

Celebration Pack

An assorted box of pralines & bars, perfect for gifting
Rs. 500


True Bars (Pack of 6)

A pack of bars true to their name & flavours true to your liking
Rs. 1,050

Dark Bar (Pack of 3)

A pack of three, dark mysterious flavoured bars
Rs. 875

Mug Box Final.jpg

Do It Yourself Kit

A DIY hot chocolate kit box with hot
chocolate powder in flavours like dark,
milk & chilli, including a mug
for that perfect cuppa

Rs. 1,050

Toffee Box

Nougat chocolate bars in this cute gift box
Rs. 400

Barks Moodshot.jpg

Fusion of flavours

Macaron Box of 16

A box of sixteen assorted macarons in the colours of the season
Rs. 1,200

Indian Mithai Barks 2.jpg

Desi Barks

Hi tea Stand.jpg

Smoor Tower of Treats

A perfect gift for the festive season with an assortment of petit fours & entremets in the most unique innovative arrangement

Customised to your  preference!

Kolkatta Hamper Final.jpg

Smoor Splendour

A magnificent, royal hamper with an assortment of Smoor goodies. There's

something for

Rs. 11,000

Ras' E Rasmalai Cake

A fusion cake loaded with juicy rasmalai & topped with French Macarons - A perfect Diwali celebration
Rs. 1,575

Baked Goodies Hamper

E-Flute Bx.jpg

A perfect pack for your Smoor goodies to reach your doorstep safe & sound

Your Safety Is Our Priority 

  1. Frequent hand wash by all employees as per WHO hand washing guidelines. 

  2. Compulsory use of disposable gloves. Packing products with utmost care, untouched by bare hands. 

  3. Compulsory use of face masks by all employees. 

  4. Monitoring temperature of all those who enter the production and processing area every day. 

  5. Frequent sanitization of all lounges, common areas, dispatch vehicles and crates.

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